Individual Tax Preparation

A core specialty is the preparation of tax returns for individual taxpayers. Over the years we have prepared and helped our clients with literally thousands of Federal and State returns.

Preparing your own tax return is not as easy as it sounds. The U.S. tax code is complicated and constantly changing, such that that even filing a simple return can produce questions the average person can’t answer. You can easily overlook credits and deductions that you’re entitled to, costing you money. While a tax software system can help, it will never replace the knowlege and insight of a real tax professional.

Our individual tax services provide professional and accurate results. We can assist in the preparation of current, amended and back tax returns. Through experience, education and continually monitoring the tax laws, we can assist you in navigating the maze of past, present and future tax code, insuring that your return takes advantage of all the deductions and benefits available.