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Welcome to our Tax Resource Links Page

We have complied; Tax , Business and Other Links to provide you with tools and resources to provide you a number of useful tools to assist you in managing your tax and financial affairs. From this page you can track your tax refund, use a number tax and financial calculators, or just stay current with the latest tax issues affecting individuals and business professionals.


Check the Status of My Refund

U.S. Treasury Service

One of the most frequently visited sites in America. The Internal Revenue Service has more than you would ever want to know regarding taxes.

Where's My IRS Refund?

Check the status of your IRS refund

U.S. Federal Tax Court

Offers access to general court information, calendars, forms, rulings, court offices, and news.

The Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration web site. This is a great place to request earnings reports or to ask questions about Social Security.

IRS Tax Forms

Link to IRS website where IRS provides downloadable and sometimes fillable forms.

State Tax Forms

Link to FTA website where FTA provides links to downloadable and sometimes fillable State Tax Forms.

Federation of Tax Administrators

Links to all 50 U.S. State tax sites. Simply click on the state of your choice on the map.

Nevada DMV Tax Lookup

Nevada DMV has a page where you can lookup that tax, license and registration fees paid. This link will help you breakout the actual deduction amount of your personal property tax portion.


The White House

What's going on in our nations capital.

US Senate

Keep up with active legislation in the Senate.

US House of Representatives

Keep up with active legislation in the House.


The best choice for searching the web


An encyclopedia with wealth of information, right at your fingertips.

Chicago Area Attorneys

Michael D. Kliff, Inc.

CPA and Attorney; specializing in tax, accounting, investment and real estate matters.

Dale W. Daemicke

Banruptcy & Real Estate Attorney

Mila Gloria Novak

Bankruptcy & Real Estate Attorney(English and Spanish Speaking

Mazher M. Shah-Khan, P.C.

Immigration Attorney

Las Vegas Area Attorneys

Huggins & Maxwell

Real Estate & Personal Injury Law

Real Estate Appeals

TaxBloom, Inc.

Recovery, Appeals and Reduction of Overpaid Real Property Taxes in the 5 County Chicago Area


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