Why an Attorney


There are Two very BIG reasons to hire a tax attorney.

1. Confidentiality

  • It is ONLY with a tax attorney that you have the all-important “attorney-client privilege” to confidentiality concerning your communications.
  • ONLY attorneys are legally exempt from being forced to testify against you should the IRS prosecute you criminally in the future. Attorneys do not have to repeat to the IRS what you’ve told them.
  • Your C.P.A. or tax preparer can be forced to testify against you in a criminal trial! Don’t take the risk of hiring a certified public accountant for detailed tax questions.

2. Truly complete advice

  • Only a Tax Attorney can tell you ALL your options you qualify for, including tax bankruptcy.
  • It’s best to call a tax attorney first. You don’t need to learn about other legal options you may have had when it’s too late to use them.
  • C.P.A.’s and tax preparers cannot give you legal advice such as if you qualify for a tax bankruptcy.
  • Only a Tax Attorney can represent you before the U.S. Tax Court or in Federal Court.

There are Solutions to Your Tax Problem.

See if you need the services of a professional IRS tax attorney. We can help you get rid of the Internal Revenue Service and relieve your tax burden the RIGHT way! Contact us for questions about how tax attorney services can help you.