IRS & Tax Court Representation

Wall StreetOur firm specializes in IRS Representation. Through years of experience in representing taxpayers before the IRS and state tax agencies, our firm has learned that there is a need for a more exclusive approach to tax relief and have established the goal of providing 100% personalized service to you.

As your IRS representative, we will ensure that the IRS acts within their guidelines and follows proper procedures when dealing with you. We will also make sure that your rights as a taxpayer are not violated and that the IRS does not force you to reveal information that you may not be required to. You will no longer have to deal directly with the IRS when you have us act on your behalf.

Professional IRS representation can be vital when you need IRS audit help, and our experience with tax authorities enables us to guide clients in their dealings with federal and state agencies. We promise to treat you honestly and with respect during the entire process and also vow to respond in a timely manner to all of your concerns and inquiries.

Originally from the Chicago, Illinois area our offices are now located in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. We have the knowledge and expertise to represent individual and businesses taxpayers all across the country.