Document Management - Why Do I Need it!

Why Use Document Management Software?
(posted 01/24/2013)

Is your office currently buried in paper? Having trouble quickly finding a specific document when you have to wade through hundreds of folders in dozens of file cabinets? Running out of space to keep all those files and file cabinets. Tired of spending money on the storage space when you can better use this space? What do you do if a document has been misfiled or lost? If a stiff breeze were came through your office, would papers go scattering everywhere?

Document management software can help you get out from under all that paper, increasing your and your staffs productivity. Document management software can help you easily and quickly scan documents, allowing you to file them electronically in a centralized location. Just for starters Document management software helps reduce waste and overhead costs, streamlines your workflows, reduces printing and shipping costs. Document management software also, often includes professional level PDF and OCR modules, you may already being paying for.

When determining which document management software is best for you, the most import thing is ease of use and portability of your files. The software's interface should be familiar enough so users of any skill level can be up and running with little or no training and has the features you need to effectively manage your documents. The software should also allow you to easily convert back to your previous system or a new system, avoiding the proprietary structures that make converting cumbersome.

And then there is the cost – until recently these features have been cost prohibitive for the small office.

Recently our office has converted our document management to a software produced by Lucion Technologies – FileCenter. After extensive use, our firm has given this software our Seal of Approval.

FileCenter Box
With FileCenter you can:


Go from paper to searchable PDF in a single mouse click. Scanning important documents has never been easier ... or faster.
Manage and Organize Your Files

Manage your files in a way that makes sense: electronic file cabinets. Organize your scans, computer files, and e-mail together. Organize & manage your files two ways: using a regular "Explorer" interface just like Windows, or using FileCenter's electronic file cabinets.
Full Featured PDF Tools

PDF is the standard. FileCenter aims to make bot printing and scanning as efficient and automatic as possible. A basic scan will scan a new document straight to searchable PDF with no additional prompts. OCR runs automatically as part of the scanning process. Literally go from paper to a fully searchable PDF file in one mouse click. And you can stack, join and split PDF's without even opening them. Or just print to PDF from your favorite software.

FileCenter includes its own PDF editor. Use FileCenter to open, view, mark up, comment and annotate your PDF files. Delete pages, rearrange pages, extract pages, and move pages between files. You can even fill out forms and sign your PDFs with digital signatures or simply type right on your PDF document. The tabbed interface keeps multiple open files at your fingertips.

FileCenter includesPDF Conversion Tools. With one click, convert many kinds of files into the popular PDF format. It's an easy way to convert office files, faxes, and scans to PDF without opening them.

FileCenter can scan directly to Word. Sometimes all you want from a scan is the text. So why bother with a scanned file at all? With just one command, FileCenter will acquire a scan, run OCR to extract the text, and send the text straight to Word (or your favorite word processor) for editing.
OCR - Automatically

Make scans, faxes and other documents fully searchable. Or pull the text from a paper document into Word. FileCenter integrates OCR (text recognition) as a seamless part of the scanning process. As the scan comes in, FileCenter automatically runs OCR on each page and inserts the text invisibly in the resulting PDF. This makes the PDF searchable, indexable, and lets you copy real text out of the PDF.

When all you need is a quick glimpse, preview the file without opening it. As fast and easy as thumbing through documents.

Find files effortlessly. Search the keywords and notes in your PDFs or the entire body of your documents.

Share cabinets on the office network or float them onto the cloud. And enjoy the robust Windows file security you're already used to.

E-Mail Securely

Send  those sensitive files on the fly with a password-protected and encrypted PDF, without the worry of hackers getting to your sensitive information.

Cloud Compatible

FileCenter is full compatible with most popular cloud providers, like DropBox, SugarSync, Google Drive, and Microsoft SkyDrive. This means that your FileCenter files can viewed on your local PC, or when you're on the go through your cloud provider.

And much more...


What will this cost?

FileCenter currently costs just $49.95 for the Standard version and $199.95 for the Pro Version. NOTE that some of the above features are only included in the Pro version.

A Free Trial is also available!